1. This application is open to all Malaysian above the age of 18 years.
2. TF Value-card is strictly a membership card under the membership program and not a credit card or a charge card.
3. All employees of TF Value-Mart Sdn Bhd are not qualified to apply or use the TF membership card.
4. Sales person are not allowed to use their TF Valuecard during working hours especially upon purchases made by the cutomers.
5. When TF Valuecard has expired or cancelled (including termination by TF Value-Mart Sdn Bhd), all discounts and points collected will not be accounted for.
6. The TF Valuecard must be presented to the cashier before every transaction to ensure an accurate sales transaction is recorded and accounted for. Failure to present the TF Valuecard will result an exemption of points collected and cash rebate on thar particular sales transaction.
7. If TF Valuecard is reported stolen, missing or damage, a RM 5 will be charge for a replacement of the TF Valuecard.
8. The TF Valuecard is exclusive to the rightful owner and is not allowed to be transferred to another membership.
9. TF Value-Mart Sdn Bhd has the right to terminate or revoke a membership at any given moment and without any notice given.
10. TF Value-Mart Sdn Bhd has the right to suspend or terminate this membership program at given moment or whenever it is required. Given in such circumstances, TF Value-Mart Sdn Bhd will send and release an early notice to their respective members by any means.
11. TF Value-Mart Sdn Bhd has the right to change the terms and conditions of the membership program at any time and without prior notice. Any amendments to the new terms and conditions will take effect and replace the current membership terms.
12. TF Value-Mart Sdn Bhdwill not be responsible for membership points replacement by any means. Members of the TF Valuecard are responsible to report and notify to the management of TF Value-Mart Sdn Bhd in regards to lost TF Valuecard to avoid any extinguish of points or points awarded that are invalid.


1. All collected rewards points will be forfeited if the points are not redeemed within 2 years by the TF Value card holder..
2. The total amout of rebate that are entitled to redeem that are stated in the rebate letter is final and correspondence will not be entertained.
3. RM 2.00 will be allowed per reward points for every transaction using the TF Value Card.
4. Items listed below are not included in the rebate calculation.
Delivery charges.
Restoratation and servicing charges.
Stamp Duty and interest fees of easy payment.
Purchases from the supermarket section.
Purchases from the rented retail outlets.
5. Members are required to display their TF Valie card, identification/passport or the original rebate letter in order to do a reward point redemption or discount voucher (if any).
6. TF Value-Mart Sdn Bhd reserves the right to dismiss the vouchers for redemption for valid reasons or if there is any fraud in the accumulation of points or misfeeds records.